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Your partner for Rexroth components and services

HydroPneuMotion and Bosch Rexroth have an extensive history. For more than 30 years we have been selling rexroth parts including hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and spare parts.

This has not gone unnoticed, as recognition HydroPneuMotion has been selected for the Bosch Rexroth certified excellence program. This enhanced collaboration seals the confidence Bosch Rexroth has in HydroPneuMotion.
This, in combination with our very large stock of Bosch Rexroth ensures that HydroPneuMotion is a reliable partner for your rexroth needs.

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Repair - Perfect alternative for new

Regardless of the high quality of products and systems, repairs cannot be ruled out. HydroPneuMotion, however, strives to keep this to a minimum. Our commitment to every repair or overhaul is to prevent it breaking or malfunctioning again. That is why we provide all our repairs with a unique TAG number. This allows us to monitor your repaired products and provide you with specific usage advice. HydroPneuMotion overhauls, brand-independent, components as well as complete systems. We do this in a modern equipped business building. We thoroughly check all repairs on our hydraulic test bench before delivery. This guarantees our quality and reliability.

Field Service - Your Rexroth specialist on-site

We take our slogan quite literally. We assume that machines must be able to operate continuously for economic or social reasons. That is why the HydroPneuMotion field service is available 24/7. We immediately start moving if a calamity occurs. We do not even consider this as an added value, but rather as a condition for our thinking and acting. In short: we are always there for you and we are always nearby.

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hydropneumotion rexroth field service

Service Agreements - Reduce your downtime

HydroPneuMotion uses service and maintenance contracts, within which the preventive maintenance of your critical installations is fully recorded. This service demonstrably reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of your installations.

Maintenance - Everything under control

At HydroPneuMotion, engineering, service and maintenance go hand in hand. This gives you a big advantage in your daily operations. After all, a regular and structured approach makes a significant contribution to the optimal availability and reliability of your installations and systems.


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Motion is our drive

hydropneumotion motion is our drive